Friday, December 11, 2009

Chad & Lauren Testimonial


Coming from myself, Lauren, and my family, we would like to thank you so much for the incredible photography you have provided us with. We could not be more pleased with every single aspect of our experience with you. You were very easy to work with, communicated with us regularly, and captured amazing photos! We are soooo glad that we decided to go with the higher of the two packages we were contemplating. I must admit that prior to our experience with you, I was somewhat a skeptic about spending large money on photography for weddings. After our experience with you, I will always highly recommend spending as much as you can afford to ensure a great photography experience. Having said that, we strongly believe your prices are extremely reasonable for the quality (and quantity) of photography you provide. This is especially true when comparing you to the competition. We also enjoyed your very straight forward pricing system. From researching other photographers, we noticed some of them try to nickel-and-dime their customers. This was not the case when working with you.

Readdressing the most important aspect of the photography...the quality. Your quality of work is truly amazing! In both viewing your work and talking with you, it is very obvious that you have a lot of photography experience that leads to jaw dropping and tear inducing photos, albums, and videos. No amount of photography equipment or editing software can make up for lack of experience. So, while others may brag about their cameras and photoshop abilities, it is merely a diversion due to their lack of experience. Your experience is ultimately what leads to amazing photos that will be cherished forever! (Not to say you don't have fancy cameras and great editing abilities, because you do!)

A final note on the cost of photography. I can honestly say that the money we spent on let me reword that...Marvin Hall's photography, was the best money spent when compared to anything else for the wedding. Better than the flowers, tuxes, dresses, food, etc. For that, we thank you more than any one of our other vendors for your services. You have provided us with photos, albums, and videos that our entire family will cherish forever!

Thank you again so much!
Chad & Lauren
- Married on June 27, 2009

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