Monday, April 21, 2008

Jacob amd Dawn - Post Wedding

This was one of those sessions I have been wanting to do for a long time. I have known Jacob every since he was in high school and I have come to get know Dawn recently. I helped a mutual friend of ours do their wedding a few months back. Every since then I have wanted to get them in the studio to just have fun. They are getting ready to pull up roots here in Lansing and moving to Tennessee in a couple months so I had to get them in soon. I glad we did.

This was a collaborative session with Kelly, my assistant. Kelly worked on posing and Stephanie and I worked on photographing. Once again we were at my favorite home away from home Persepctive2, in studio B. Kudos to Lynn and her team for all their help. They have a lot of cool stuff for us to try out, like garganuan mirrors and this really cool stain glass door, and the best part is, all this stuff is on site so I don't have bring it with me sweet :-) !

==============Behind the Scenes==============

That's me behind the camera!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Mating Game

Last weekend some friends invited me to see the musical that they were in. The production was The Mating Game - A musical Revue. The show was put on by the Lansing Community College Humanities & Performing Arts and held in the wonderful Dart Auditorium in downtown Lansing, Michigan. The production was outstanding! Great music and great vocals. The production also featured a kickin' live stage band.
As is my custom, I took my camera. Glad I did! Here are a few photos from the event! To see the entire set click here: