Saturday, August 18, 2007

Derek & Allison

Allison said...
Derek and I really enjoyed working with Marvin. A few months before our wedding we did our engagement pictures with Marvin. That served as a great way to get to know him-and we were so pleased with the pictures that it only made us more excited for our wedding. Marvin and his assistant were excellent at our wedding. I got lots of compliments from friends and family about how they were in not your face and intrusive like many wedding photographers can be.Yet they still got amazing pictures! My favorite part about our wedding pictures are the candids shots. Marvin did an EXCELLENT job of capturing those once in a lifetime moments and expressions. When I look at the pictures I am able to remember what I was feeling and you can see the happiness and joy on our faces and in our body language. The pictures truly captured the essence of our personalities and relationship. Everyone says that your wedding day will go by so fast and that you don't really get to experience everything-and that's true. Thankfully, we have amazing wedding day pictures that allow us the opportunity to really relive and experience our special day again and again!! November 16, 2007 5:02 PM

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